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Phone: (02) 6545 2281

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Scone  NSW  2337

M U S W E L L B R O O K  &  S C O N E


Helpful Information:

Information Regarding Funerals:

Arranging a Funeral  - Usefull information from the NSW Directors’ Association  

Required information  for Funeral Arrangement  -

(includes a link to a form  to record information about deceased to fill out and take to the Funeral Director)

Coping With Grief:

Understanding your grief doesn’t make the pain go away immediately, but it can help you cope during the early difficult phase.

Grief is a natural response when we lose someone very close to us. It is one of the strongest emotions we experience and can cause deep distress.Don’t deny your feelings. Grief is our way of adapting to the changes which have suddenly taken place. It effects our mood, routine, thoughts, hopes and beliefs for the future.

We are all different and all experience grief in our own way.

Please explore the links below for more information about coping with grief.

Links to Information regarding Grief:

Coping with Grief

Bereavement Care

Muswellbrook Funeral Services

Scone Funeral Services

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